Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6] Early Birds

*The Next Morning*

I woke upi to the sound of someone knocking on the door. "where's Rawan?" i thought.

Me: Rawan...Rawan!!!

No Answer....Ugh!! :@

i went to the door, didn't feel like look who it was, so i opened it. It was Jake. (SIGH!!!)

Jake: Hey babe! (He came in and gave me a kiss on my cheek)

Me: Hey!

Jake: Good Morning! (and he giggles)

Me: *yawn* Thank You

Jake: So,what do you want for breakfast?

Me: Hmm...I dont know. What do you want to have for breakfast?

Jake: What ever you like

Me: I dont know what i want. Have you seen Rawan?

Jake: She went ou with Chris

Me: Oh. Does Chris like her?

Jake: He's in LOOOOOOOVE with her!

Me: Aww, Cuties ;p

Jake: But not as cute as you

Im blushing!! :O

Me: Excuse me, i'll be right back

I go to the bathroom, wash and change into a t-shirt and black skinnies. When i get out of the bathroom, Jake is no where to be seen.


Jake: BOOOO!

i jump half a meter away,

Me: You scared me!

Jake: Sorry, Hug? (pulls me close for a bear hug) I'm allways here for you

*Walking Around 5th Avenue*

"9ba7 il 5air!! You read my message?"

"Nope, got nothing, but i know where you are"

"Thats what the message says, where I am. Got so much to tell you, can't wait to get back ;*"

"Okay! I got stuff to tell you too, don't take long!!"

"Okay babe;* Have fun!"

Jake: Hey Shaikha, how about we go to Abrecrombie and Fitch. I want you to pick a shirt for me.
Me: Seriously?
Jake: Yup.


Me: Jake, how about this one?
I pulled out an A& Fitch 92 muscle shirt in PINK.
Jake: Its to gay
Me: But you said you want me to pick you a shirt (i give him my puppy eye face) and i pick this one.
Jake: hmph, Okay!
Me: ;*
Jake: Now that you picked the shirt, lets pay
Me: Give me, im buying it
Jake: No!
Me: I say YES! (I screamed)
Everyone stared at us. I started laughing so hard, i might fal on the ground any minute
Jake: Don't worry, nothing is wrong
Jake: What's wrong?
Me: I got the shirt.
we wrestled each other for the shirt. He got it since I'm very ticklish, and Jake started to tickle me. He payed at the end.

Jake: Thank you.
Me: For what?
Jake: For picking the shirt.
He kissed me, IN PUBLIC :O (I kissed back, but there wasn't any tongue action:()
Me: It was nothing

We walked hand in hand, down the street, until we heard someone talk, i think to us.  

Jassem: Look at the LOVE BIRDS early in the morning!
Me: Jassem, didn't I tell you to get a fucking life??!!
Jassem: Yeah, i just happen to be here on the same day, same time.
Me: What ever
Jassem: What ever (in a mocking voice)
Me: Come in Jake, lets go eat
Jake: yeah ok, ask Rawan if she wants to join

I caled Rawan asked her if she wants to join us to eat hotdogs in Central Park. She said she'll go if Chris went. In the end they both joined us. We ordered our hotdogs and sat on the benches. Jake and Chris finished early, so the went to do something. God knows what.
When they came back, they told us they got two boats. One for me and Jake, they other for Rawan and Chris. We went for a ride, went to eat dinner, then went home. So far, This was the most relaxing day in New York. Weird to say RELAXING in NEW YORK!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

5] A Talk, A Fight, A Talk Again, Then A Kiss ;*

Someone was knocking on the door. I went and opened the door. It was Jake.


Me: Oh, Heey!

Jake: Hey! You look beautiful

Me: Thnx! (blush!)

          What the hell, Why am I blushing?

Rawan: Shaikha who's at the door? (she said that while coming my way)

Me: Rawan meet Jake, Jake this is my friend Rawan

Jake: Nice to meet you Rawan

          Rawan Started to blush like crazy. Is he that hot?

Jake: Should we go?

Me: Yup, we're ready.

(Incase any of was wondering what I was wearing, I was wearing a very simple black dress, with a belt around the waist. My hair was the way it was, light brown and wavy, right below my shoulders. Very simple, I know)




Me: Jake, where are we going?

Jake; My house, I'm throwing the party.

Me: Uhm…


I sent a message to Jake; this is what it says:

"Hey Jake, do you know anyone that’s free and is interested in a girl like Rawan? She kind of feels lonely."



  "Yeah, I have the right guy for her, his name is Chris. He's interested in the same things as she is, I think they'll go great with each other"



"XD, Thanx;* So are you gonna introduce him when we get there?



"Hell yeah! Babe ;p ;**



":p ;**"




Jake: Were here.

Me: Wohoo! PARTAY!

          (Jake winked at me)

Rawan: Okay…

          (I winked at Rawan)



"What's going on between you and Jake?"


"You wait and see"



We enter Jake's house, Chris comes up to Jake


Jake: Hey! You having fun?

Chris: Hell yeah I am!

Jake: This is a special someone I want you to meet. This is Shaikha.

          (I stated to blush) "He called me a special someone" I thought to myself

Chris: Nice to meet you.

Jake: And this is Shaikha's friend Rawan.

Chris: (mouth watering) Helloo there! What a pleasure it is to meet you!


Rawan and Chris started to talk the normal stuff. I got bored of standing, especially in my heels, so Jake and I went to sit down on the couch.






"Shaikhoo, Chris is such an amazing guy!"



"Hehe, Jake told me about him."



"You're gonna tell me everything that you told him, don’t miss a detail"



"Ok, when we get back to the room, now have fun!! ;*"


Jake and I started talking about are daily lives in our home land, well I was talking the most since Jake lives here. When suddenly I hear a familiar voice, I turn around and it turns out to be,


Jake: Hey, Jassem. How's life?

Me: JASSEM??!! WTH are you doing here?

Jassem: I'm Jakes friend, Why are you here?

Jake: I invited her, got a problem?

Jassem: Well she's my brother's girlfriend.

Me: Don't go around making stories up, I BROKE UP WITH HIM!

Jassem: No

Me: YES!

Jassem: Let's call and see

Me: Yalla :@


-Jassem calling Hamad: beep, beep, beep-

(on speaker)

Hamad: Ha?? SHTABEE? (in a grumpy sleepy voice)

Me: 7amad, YOU BASTARD! Why'd you tell your brother that were still boyfriend girlfriend? Ha??

Hamad: I didn't (I can see he's fully awake now)

Me: Well tell your stupid brother that I'm not, and that I've moved on

Hamad: you found someone?

Me: EE! Shnu ya3ni?

Hamad: Wla shy, I'm just asking. And Jassem, I'm no longer her……………Boyfriend!

Me: Thank you! Bye

-Call Ended-


Me: See Jassem, I'm not his girlfriend! Now get a life! 






Me: Sorry about that

Jake: No problem

Me: Where were we?

Jake: Um, Can I…….I

Me: Can you what?

Jake: (started to blush/I know, a guy blushing?) Can I Kissyou?

Me: Excuse me?

Jake: Can I…um…I kiss you?



I wanted to answer, but I couldn't! his mouth was covering mine! (sigh!) His lips felt so soft against mine and I felt him slip his tongue into my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and kissed me even harder. I put my arms around him when his hands caressed my inner thigh. We played with our tongues for a little while and it felt so god, yet so sinful. I didn’t care what I was doing because it was absolutely pleasurable and intese.

Friday, May 22, 2009

4] Invitation Only



I was standing next to Rawan in front of the check up place thing, when someone behind me started to touch me (not the ew kind of touching) on my hand, more like stroking. I got so angry that I started to scream on the top of my lungs. The person behind me found it very funny that he started laughing on the floor, about to pee on him.

When I turned around, I saw that it was Hamad's brother, Jassem. I gave him this 7a8eera look and I turned.


Jassem: la7'6a Shaikha, You don't want to ask me why I'm here?

Me: Let me guess, Hamad sent you here to tell me or give me something

Jassem: Nope

Me: Ha 3yl, are you here to bug me?

Jassem: Nope, but if you want me to, I will

Me: NO I don't want you to bug me, so yalla tell me, I don’t have all day.

Jassem: Inzain, I'm here to tell that the person Hamad was with isn't his girlfriend, it was an old family friend.

Me: Mn ga9 3alik? Low tadree shun kan g3d ygoulaha chn t3rf shun hathi 3ind Hamad.


I turned around and left.


Jassem: Shaikha wait!


Jassem tried to follow me but couldn't since the check up person behind the counter stopped him.





Rawan asked me what the hell was Jassem doing here. I told her what he told me.

Rawan: Seriously, What the hell id wrong with them? 5ala9 the girl doesn't want you! GET A LIFE!


 At that moment, I was daydreaming. I couldn't hear a word she was saying.


Rawan: SHAIKHA! SHAIKHA! Snap out of it!

Me: Huh? Sorry, as you were saying?

Rawan: Never mind! (In an irritated voice) What were you dreaming about, that got off guard?

Me: Jake (SIGH!)

Rawan: Hmph... Hey, you should call him!

Me: He just got of the plane!

Rawan: So?

Me: It'll make me look so desperate for him!

Rawan: Well he expects you to call; he gave you his number, didn't he?


Rawan: YAAY!


-I dialed his number: beep, beep-

(he picked up from the second ring, I'm impressed)


Jake: Hello, Who is this?

Me: Uh, Hi Jake! It's me Shaikha

Jake: Oh, Hi! How are you?

Me: I'm good, thanx for asking

Jake: So, What are you doing today?

Me: Nothing, maybe some unpacking

Jake: Oh, Ok

Me: Why? (very nosy ;p)

Jake: Well, because if you weren't doing anything, then maybe you would like to go to a party.

Me: Oh, sounds fun! Is it ok if I bring a friend with?

Jake: Sure (a bit annoyed)

Me: Thanx, so where and when is this party

Jake: It's at 5:00 pm. Don’t worry about the place, I'll come and pick you up. Just tell me where you live.

Me: Well, we'll be staying at the New York Palace, but we still don't know our floor and room number. I'll text you once we get there.

Jake: Yeah, sure. I'll be waiting ;p

Me: Okay, bye

Jake: Bye!

-Call Ended-


As the nosy person, Rawan, asked me what he said. I told her about the party, and that he'll be picking us up.


Rawan: Awww! I think someone likes you!

Me: Chub! Were just friends, plus I just got to know him!

Rawan: Your blushing!

Me: No I'm not! :@

Cab Driver: Ladies, your stop.

Me: Thank You

And I give him the money



Me and Rawan check in; get our room number, and head strait to the room. We didn't even check out the lobby. Very Weird. It's our tradition that, anytime we travel together, and stay at a hotel, we have to chek out the lobby before going to our room. (Very cheesy but it's us)




Rawan: What's the rush? We didn't check out the lobby

Me: Rawan look at the time! We only have 45 minuets to get ready!

Rawan: For what?


Rawan: Oh!

Me: Yalah, What are you standing here for? Get dressed!


We both go and do what ever we are going to do to get ready, but before I start anything I send Jake what floor and room number.



3] Off To The States


My sister came running to my room, she started screaming my name. Did something happen? Is something wrong? I got up frightened. I look at the time, IT WAS 8:00 A.M! Why the hell would she wake me up at this time? :@


Me: Ha Dalal! Shfeech? Sh9ar? Is everything okay?

Dalal: La2! You forgot, didn't you?

          I can see that she got annoyed ;s was it her birthday? I checked the calendar to make sure, but it was still June, her birthdays not until September. I kept thinking hard, then it hit me: "I'm going to the states!!"

Dalal: 9ba7 il 5air!!

Me: How much more time till the plane?

Dalal: 3 hours, now get up and get dressed!

Me: 6il3ay, how will I change when your in the room with me?


*At The Airport*


I was sitting at Starbucks with Rawan, when she asked how I was doing, after what happened yesterday, with Hamad.

Me: T9adgeen inna I forgot about that, with all the loya 7g il sfar!

Rawan: A7san, don’t think about him, move on.

Me: Tadreen shun?

Rawan: Shnu?

Me: He was never really worth anything

Rawan: At last you believe me! What was I saying for the past time you've been dating?

Me: Anyways, forget about him. We're going to the states! Hot PEOPLE! ;p

Rawan: HaHa!!! True ;p


Over Head Speaker: Flight ***** heading to New York, Please head to gate **


Rawan: that’s us!


*On The Plane*


Rawan was asleep next to me, and I was so bored to death, so I decided to go walk around the plane. Every one's asleep, great!


Me: This is boring!

Someone: Tell me about it!


Am I dreaming? I started looking around; I looked like a clown, seriously! The guy that was talking to me got up, I Could've sworn I've seen him around.


Him: Hi!

Me: Ummm…

Him: I'm Jake

Me: It's a pleasure Jake

Him: So why are you going to the states……?

Me: It's Shaikha

Him: Why are you going to the sates Shaikha?

Me: To study in NYU.

Him: What are you studying?

Me: Art

Him: well I guess I'll be seeing you around lately, and here's my number, just call if you need anything.

Me: (I gave him my big grin ;p)


We talked for each other for 20 min. It was an interesting and random conversation ;p



I went to my seat to find Rawan wide awake. She kind of looks worried.


Rawan: Wain kinty, I thought someone took you :@

Me: Calm down, I was walking around the isles, I was bored.

Rawan: You know you have a TV that has maybe 100 movies init, right in front of you?

Me: Well I didn’t feel like watching anything, I wanted to stare at people.

Rawan: Oh! Did you see anyone that you may like?

Me: Yup, and I talked to him ;p


Rawan opened her eyes so wide, that they would pop out any minute now.


Rawan: Ta3aly, gi3day!! SPILL!!!

Me: He's hot, skinny, tall, and CUTE!

Rawan: What did you talk about?

Me: Random stuff, but he gave me his number, incase I wanted something


I can see that Rawan was so close to happy dancing. Yes she has a happy dance, a very cheesy one. Rawan opened her mouth to sing the lyrics of what ever song she's going to sing, but once she opened her mouth, the lights came on, and the flight attendant tell everyone to strap in their seatbelts.


"This summer is going to be the greatest of them all. Plus I have Jake's number, how much more fun can that be?" I thought secretly to my self. 

2] A Night I Shall Never Forget

I couldn't stand this anymore; I went inside, not knowing what to do. I went strait to him, I stood there for a while, they were talking, and this is what they were saying,

Hamad: ha shloon il akil inshalla 3jibich?

Her: Ee akeed daminik inta illy mnagee

Hamad: 3yoni walla

Her: bs 3ad, ast7ee

Hamad: tara ana a7bich 7ob mo 6abee3y

Me: that's what he told me when we first started going out.

They both turned around and faced me at the same time, Hamad having an (WTF is she doing here, I thought she hated this place) face and her having a (What the hell is she saying) face.

Hamad: Dana this is Shaikha, my...umm...

Me: his girlfriend, I mean his ex from now

Dana: Hamad, is she saying the truth?

Hamad: Um... I...I... (He stammered)

Me: you don't believe me, here let me show u this message that he sent about 2 hours ago.


Ha Shaikha, mabrouk t5arajtay :**


Danas was so shocked that she stayed still for 5 whole minutes.


Dana: but you were with me 2 hours ago, u told me u were texting your mom.

Hamad: I tend to lie sometimes


I was so frustrated that I bitch slapped him, like seriously bitch slap him. The whole restaurant turned to face me. The waitress came running to me telling me if I needed a chair and a glass of water. Another went to Hamad asking if he needed some ice.


Rawan saw all the commotion going on in the restaurant, she came running to me. She asked what's wrong, but I couldn't answer. I was so scared that someone might call people and tell them what happened. And above that, I was shocked; I couldn't believe what I did.

Rawan kept asking what's wrong, and I kept ignoring, until Dana told her the whole story.

She told every one there is nothing wrong and that they better stay quiet about what they saw.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1] A New Beginning

So here I am opening up to the world, so many things I've seen, so much I've heard, so much I've spoken! Here's a story about a girl (Shaikha) who loves this guy (Hamad), she loves him so much that she would do anything for him, but its time to stop, time to forget.
Shaikha is a graduate student from school; she decided to study outside of Kuwait, specifically in America.



Shaikha and some friends decide to go eat from slides as their celebration meal, they hate buffet food, even though it was the expensive kind of food, they would never eat it.
On their way there, Shaikha receives a message from her mom,
Shayoukh, we9alich a letter mn NYU tabeen aba6la, wla tan6reen?

Mama, ba6lee, magdar an6ir!!

Mabrouk!! Btrou7een Amreeka:**

Shaikha shares the happy news with her friends and they all congratulate her.


Rawan (Shaikhas best friend) tells everyone that its a bad idea to eat here and that they should eat at burger hub. Shaikha know that something is wrong, when ever Rawan says its a bad idea, somethings not right.
I peek into the glass and guess who I see?
Yup, Hamad! NOT ALONE, NOT WITH FRIENDS, BUT WITH ANOTHER GIRL!!! Another girl! My eyes started
to tear up. How could he do this to me?
Rawan sees that I'm crying, and she knows why. She try's to comfort me with the break up talk. "He's no good to you, its his loss! There are many fish out in the sea, he's just one of them" and she gives me her cheesy grin. Seriously you can never resist a smile when she has that cheesy grin.